Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Socks on Holidays!!!

I think there's a pattern here?
Snapshot: New years day 2007 - Jaywalkers (Port of Brisbane, Brisbane, Queensland)

jaywalker the 2nd in progress
Originally uploaded by Raches

Snapshot: New years day 2008 - Nutkin (Woodside Surf Beach, Woodside, Victoria)

? Snapshot : New Years Day 2009 - one can dream!!!!

Cheers! Rachael ;)


Rose Red said...

I was doing jaywalkers in Hawaii in January 2007. I should cast on some nutkins. Except they won't go anywhere as nice as yours!!

gemma said...

Way to go, socks on the beach!

Terri said...

One must always set goals!! :o) The socks are looking great. Love Nutkin - must add them to my queue!