Monday, January 7, 2008

Paintbox Socks

After a long absence (spending time in the NT where it's too hot to even look at wool, and then coming back to even more heat!) I've finally finished another pair. I call these my Paintbox Socks!

This is Fleece Artist merino in ‘Angel Fish’, and the pattern is a slip stitch rib based on the Bloody Mary socks but without the knitting through the back loop, because it slowed me down too much and I just wanted to get these finished. I do like the way the slip stitches break up the colours, very much.


Carol said...

These are terrific and I absolutely adore the colour you've chosen. The pattern shows it to perfection.

Rose Red said...

These really are paintbox socks - they look great!

NetStitcher said...

What a gorgeous colour. They look fantastic.