Sunday, January 20, 2008

Time for an up-date

Hey there. Haven't been on here for quite a while. I was in the land of Aus over the holidays. See my blog for news of our travels.

Haven't been doing a lot of sock knitting either. Have made some progress on my Kaffe socks. I'm nearly at the toe of this one. Have been making it on double-points and finding it a bit frustrating after using circulars. Seem to be back to making ladders again. Think I might put these socks at the top of my list this week after I finish my current WIP (Cherie from Rowan's Vintage Knits).
Have also been working on the monkey socks. Have finished the heel even though it is a pain to do heels with flaps on one circular. I know I could do short-row heels much more easily but how well do they wear. Also I'm not sure how to convert from one to the other.
I think the Monkeys are looking gorgeous especially in that yarn, Fleece Artist Merino I think.


Michelle said...

You've been very busy! They all look great!

Rose Red said...

Your monkeys look great - it's been a monkey January.