Saturday, January 12, 2008

Our Christmas Competition Winner!

Fellow sock knitters, we are happy to announce the winner of our 'Most Socks Knit for christmas' competition.

Our winner is the amazing Jan. She's done a fabulous job and submitted the following list:

Sirdar socks 24/12
celery zigzag 6/12
celery leaf/stem 1/12
men's bendigo 15/11
ashes socks 2/11
crosshatch socks 19/10
mosaic sock 8/10 (only one shown, but pair done.)
zokni socks 4/10

*raspberry ripple 3/12
*Finn's socks second pair 15/11
*Finn's first pair 31/10
*Morgans socks 21/10

* = child's pair

Jan, for her efforts, wins a box of goodies which was donated by our friends Ann and Helen at Knitting Inspirations. I'll leave it to Jan to display these when they arrive, but rest assured, it's a box full of wonders.

Stay tuned for another prize announcment some time this month and don't forget to submit photos of your socks on holidays all throughout January.

Bells & RoseRed


Jan said...

OOOH Lovely and a great boost to the spirits at the moment. Been somewhat down lately.

Thanks to Knitting Inspirations too.

I've really enjoyed seeing everyone's socks. They are all beautiful.

kms said...

its a very impressive tally and a thoroughly deserved win!

Carol said...

Jan ... you are on fire girl!!!! I want to be like you. Well done.

Kate (Kiss My Frog) said...

Three cheers for Jan and her smokin' needles!

Judy said...

Your creations and links are wonderful!! I don't knit or crochet myself, but am so inspired by the wonderful colors and textures!!!

happyspider said...

congrats! :D