Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Socks on Holidays!

Sockers, it's time to announce our next competition! As foreshadowed, this one's about socks on holidays! We'd love to see pics of your socks relaxing on the beach, going to the pub, taking in afternoon tea at the Ritz, making a snow man, skiing down the slopes of Aspen...oh, sorry, that's my holiday I'm dreaming about (well, except for the skiing!)

This one will be decided by popular vote, so get those pictures in! We'll close off entries on Friday 15 February and vote the following week. Depending on number of entries, we might even have different categories (eg most scenic, funniest, most unusual etc)!

Some rules:

1. One photo only per person (although we might allow more depending on number of entries)

2. Send your photo to the SSoS email in sidebar with "Socks on Holiday Entry" in the title (so we don't miss anyone!)

3. Give us your name and blog name in the email as well - just to make it easier to track down the winner!

Feel free to make it as scenic, funny, iconic or whatever you wish!

And because my husband is a shameless butt photo poser, here are my latest socks at Terrigal.
Yes, they truly are cheeky monkeys!

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