Tuesday, October 2, 2007

One Down...

My first slipper!

Well, nearly - the knitting's done on this one, and will hop to and get the second one knitted up. The fun part's tossing them in the machine and washing away.

I'm not so wild on the heathery part on the foot, but that's how the yarn came off the ball. I guess I can live with it, and it will probably look different after felting anyway. The colour I love the most is the blue which will be hidden at the back of the heel.


I just broke into the second ball, right at the toe shaping. I guess I'll have enough left from the third ball to knit some toddler slippers too. Perhaps I could make those the second pair of "socks" I knit in the SSS, while I'm waiting for my circular needles that I plan to order later in the week to arrive.


amy said...

They look very cosy!

Rose Red said...

Looking forward to seeing these felted!

Carolyn said...

I love the colors and how they blended. I think it will look great when done. Definitely post a picture of them when felted