Wednesday, October 3, 2007

It's a Start

There's my first sock in progress along with some local color (hey, it's autumn here). This is the Lacy Mock Cable pattern, which I'm really enjoying, even though my first attempt (before SSS) was returned to string. I'm keeping better count of my stitches this time around! I sat in the yard while the kids ran around on Monday so I could get this started, and even in the sun, I was a little chilly. So, looking forward to pictures of socks lounging in tropical scenes, people, to get me through the upcoming winter.

I didn't knit on this sock Monday night, as my football team was on TV and, quite frankly, I can't really knit anything requiring the least bit of attention while my team is playing. I worked on something else that is already well established and quite hard to mess up.

Oh, nearly forgot to mention, this is knit with Patonyle from Bells. We can't get that here, and I thought it nice to start off SSS with some Australian sock yarn.


Bells said...

oh very nice, great pumpkins too. Isn't patonyle so soft?

amy said...

It is. I'm loving working with it, especially after the somewhat stiff yarn that went into the last socks. (Made great socks, but somewhat sore fingers.)

Rose Red said...

Looks great Amy - love how this sock looks in this yarn.