Wednesday, October 3, 2007

And that's lift off!

Yep, cast on for the first sock in my SSS odyssey - see my blog for totally shonky picture. It's a very basic ribby sock in Opal on 2.25mm bamboo needles (which are bending after having completed two other pairs), so I'm thinking some steel/aluminiums are in my future.

I've made very little progress so far (I know it's only day three), but I'm feeling totally inadequate by comparison to some achievements already.


Rose Red said...

I think it's a great start!! I'm sure some people haven't even started one sock yet, so don't feel inadequate!! We're all sock friends here!

amy said...

I recently got the set of metal sock needles from Knit Picks, the one where you end up with 6 sizes of sock needles all in one place? I LOVE it. I will never have to go shopping for sock needles again.