Sunday, October 7, 2007

Three Slippers!

Here they are - in all their glory. Three slippers.

No, I don't have three feet, but I had three balls of yarn. I knitted the first sock and really was disappointed with it. I knitted the second sock to discover that I much preferred that one. I then decided to knit the third ball to see which slipper would pair with it better.

The second one did.

But knitted from the other end of the ball, so I frogged it, and knitted it again.

So, really, I've knitted four slippers to get two finished ones that I'm happy with.

And yes, despite the picture, they are both the same size. It's probably to do with the angle of the camera lens to the table top when I took the picture.

More pics to follow later, after shrinking...


Rose Red said...

Good job on these - look forward to seeing the shrunken versions!

Michelle said...

I love them!