Sunday, October 7, 2007

Don't hate it 'cos it's crocheted

Is this the first attempt at crocheted socks in this KAL/CAL?

I commenced these socks on Oct 1 - and just have to do the toe of the first one. The yarn is 'Four Seasons Michaela' and I love how the diagonal stripes have magically appeared on the leg.

I did a sideways black-loop cuff which I much prefer to the usual front post/back post cuff. The stretch is a lot better as well. I'm started using a pattern, but I have changed so much of it that it doesn't bear telling you which pattern I'm not really using.

For those who have not done a crochet sock before, you might not know that the stretch of a knitted sock is just not there, so you have to make the sock a lot wider at the leg so it will go over your foot. I think a lot of people were alarmed at my huge sock at SnB the other night!


Rose Red said...

LOVE the idea of a crochet sock! I've got a pattern for a toddler crochet sock - must give it a try!

Yours looks so cool!

Shazmina Bendi said...

OH.MY.LORD! You deserve a medal! What a champion effort! As a crocheter first, knitter second, I cant imagine crocheting a sock. You are waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy braver than me and tre talented. Cant wait to see the finihed pair, keep up the crocheting sock love! :)

gemma said...

Brilliant. I have never tried a crochet sock. No idea why since I've crocheted as long as I have knitted (don't ask, I'm kinda long in the tooth). Must search out a pattern before the end of SSoS, and give it a whirl!