Friday, October 12, 2007

Those bl**dy crocheted socks again

Hello there - friendly neighbourhood crocheter posting!

I've finally done my first ever pair of crocheted socks, but not without distractions. On Tuesday I was a mere 3 inches from the end of the last sock, but what did I do instead? I started the ribbing for a second pair. Mr QM complained rather loudly, stating one of my challenges was to actually complete a pair.

So tonight I did it. Besides, the back loop ribbing on the second pair was driving me barmy and I needed, ironically, a distraction from it.

I used Four Season Grundl Michaela sock yarn, with a 3.5 mm hook. Three balls were used and I had about a metre left of the yarn (LUCKY!) As these are my first ever finished socks and I did butcher a sock pattern beyond belief, I'm more than happy to critique them. I'd make them smaller next time, for sure. The length is fine and the heel is perfect, but the foot and ankle are a little too wide.


Rose Red said...

crochet socks - so cool!!

2paw said...

I have seen patterns for crocheted socks but never seen anyone make any. Well done, they look good!!