Saturday, October 6, 2007

Stripes are Fun

Hi there! Got off to a late start, didn't have time to cast-on for SSS until Wednesday. But I have completed my first SSS sock, and am going to cast-on for my second (to actually make an identical (chiral) pair). I've been learning sock structure and tabi toe construction as I've been going along, and the first two pairs of tabi socks only "match" if you're not a knitter. The construction has been very different from sock to sock, and I am really happy to have worked my way to here: a place where I have figured out the best ways to construct the various design elements and can make a "real" pair. :)


the Knitter said...

Aw. thanks for telling me happy birthday, ms sharon! It's been good so far; i just whine alot for now particular reason! heh.

Rose Red said...

Cool sock! The colours are great!