Thursday, October 4, 2007


We're happy to be able to announce what the winner of a banner/button contest (Claudine) has won.

Very kindly, Katie from the Live2Knit store has donated two skeins of either Elizabeth or Joan Merino yarn, dyed in the colourway of Claudine's choice!

If you haven't seen Katie's stuff, you ought to check it out at once! I've long been an admirer.

Claudine, Katie has your address and will be in touch shortly.

For our runners up, there will be a little something coming your way as well. Keep an eye out in the post!

Thanks again to Katie and to our entrants. You're all great!

Bells & RoseRed


amy said...

You two are sweet and certainly don't have to send a little something all the way here. But thank you. :)

Lynne said...

Oooo! Lucky you, Claudine. Two skeins - wow!

Kate, Bells and RoseRed that's a great prize - well done.

claudine said...

Ooh, thank you SO much, Katie, Bells and RoseRed!! Lucky me! :)