Monday, October 8, 2007

My first sock ... albeit a training sock

I am almost ashamed to show this here with all the beautiful socks that I've been lusting after. You are all so talented.

My aim is to make one pair of socks. In my efforts, Bells kindly put me onto a Knitty training sock pattern and whilst there may not have been a lot of style and grace whilst doing it and holding the blasted dpns, I made a little training sock. I am so darn proud of myself I can't even begin to tell you all.

Although any helpful hints where they tell you to "join" and how you do it in the first round of the ribbing would be much appreciated. "Join" doesn't really tell me much and it got a little gappy there.


Bells said...

Carol, you rock! Well done. I'm so proud of you.

The little gap - well I still get that a bit. Sometimes I just sew it up at end. But a good trick is to use the tail and the working yarn for the first 2-3 stitches and that really brings it all together.

Rose Red said...

Yeah! What Bells said! I was also going to give the same advice - that works for me! The other thing you can do, particularly until you get the hang of the dpns, is knit one or two rows straight, then join, and when you've finished the sock, use the tail of the yarn to sew up the little gap.
(And I'm envious of your ability to make your photos look so great!)

Rosie said...

That's a pretty cool looking Training Sock!

I love it.

I have also read that some people cast on one more stitch than the pattern says, then knit the first and last stitch together as the first stitch of the first row. If you can make sense of that...

amy said...

I've read various tricks for joining:
1. What Bells said, using the two tails together.
2. What Rosie said, cast on extra and K2tog
3. Slip the last stitch cast on over the first, so you've criscrossed them, then start knitting.

But I do none of those. I pull the yarn snugly on my first couple of rounds,and when I'm done, I use the yarn tail to make a figure 8--over to the other "side" of the cast-on, back across the tiny gap, so I've made an 8, and then weave in the end. It's not bulky, and it seems to do the trick.

Michelle said...

Go!!!! That's excellent work! Can't wait to see your grownup sock.

Anonymous said...

That sock is so cute :) I love it. And who cares if it is a training sock.

I'm a fan of Amy's tip #3
"3. Slip the last stitch cast on over the first, so you've criscrossed them, then start knitting."

I use it every time.

2paw said...

What a cute sock!! Well done!!!! I always cast on one extra stitch and the K2tog tbl when I join in the round. It works really well for me!!!