Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Launch Aborted

So it turns out I was wrong. There is something extremely exciting about three rounds of 2x2 twisted rib. At least, I became quite excited last night when I discovered I had actually been knitting a Mobius Sock.
I ripped and went to bed.
I'll try again today.


jp said...


I think we have all been there.
Although I think it is easier to do with 2 circs than dpns.

I taught my mother in law socks and she actually knits the first round, then knits the second normally (back along them and joins the second round only to avoid this exact problem.

Rose Red said...

I haven't done it yet (touch wood!) but I do obsessively check the round when I join it and as I knit the first couple of rounds. I taught my mum how to use circulars and she was so proud to show me her newly cast on beanie, only to discover she'd twisted it - she threw it across the room in a (put-on) fit!! I had to frog it for her!

Bells said...

I've done it. On 330 stitches and didn't notice for some time. That was a bitch.

Rosie said...

Oh that's nasty!

I've been there too, and wasn't particularly happy about it either.

Kate_knits_a_bit said...

poor thing -I hope the next version was calmer!

Jan said...

I've only done moebius strips when I really wanted them, but have been guilty of extreme lapses of concentration which resulted in a very odd sock. It had two heels turned and a bit of the foot done on both of them! OOPS.