Thursday, October 4, 2007

Keepin it simple

I'm blown away that so many of you have completed one or two socks already!! I'm still at the very beginning of my sock knitting career, being a couple of rows and some kitchener stitch away from finishing my first ever pair of socks - the Turtle Walk socks (which were definitely started WAY before the beginning of this week! - those of you who were at Spidey's sock workshop will have an idea of how long ago I started these!).

So my personal goals for the SSofS are:
1)To knit my second pair of socks ever... from wool I've dyed myself (my first foray into dyeing - yay!)
2)Potentially knit my third pair of socks ever... from the very special 'purple trainwreck' colourway, hopefully coming my way from the lovely Julie, care of the lovely Bells!! These socks will definitely be for ME! (also a first...)

I'll include a pic of the turtle walks when I finish them because I'll be so proud of my first pair of socks... even though they weren't started in SSS... is that allowed, oh sock bosses?

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Rose Red said...

That's a great list of challenges!