Friday, October 5, 2007

I'm Bringin' Soxy Back!!!

My Mum's The Word sock #1 is going along nicely on the foot. I like symmetry so I arranged the stitches so there were 3 garter stitches at the end of Needle 3, and 3 at the start of Needle 1. This means I have a 'jog' in my garter stitch (Not the kind of jog you do at footy!!) I continued the 6 garter stitches down the heel, and then wondered if I should unravel and 'fix' the jog. I decided I wouldn't, but when I write up the pattern, I will put all the 6 stitches on one needle!!

I have started The Rainbow Socks from Magknits: The Connection Socks. I am using some beautiful ChocMint 4ply from The Knittery. It is a mixture of the Chocolate and Forest colours that Daphne made into a striped ball!!! I am not really a short row knitter, so I am not exactly sure if I am following the directions properly. I wrote out my approximation of what to do, it looks OK, so I am just brazening it out!!! I still have the short row heel to face... :-(
I think I will start one more pair of socks and then I am all set up with a sock for every occasion!!!

Right. Blogger won't let me post ANY pictures. It has made me cross. I will try again later on.

Happy Knitting,
2paw, Harki and Peri


Helen said...

I've been having a lot of problems posting pics on blogger too! It's very frustrating! Can't wait to see the choc&forest combo, it must look awesome.

kms said...

i am very interested to hear if you come up with a solution to that 'jogging' problem as it is the bane of my sock-knitterly existence!