Sunday, October 7, 2007

i may have a bit of a problem

I'm feeling a little guilty about posting these since i have apparently been responsible for some performance anxiety.. Can i just say, on the record, that i am a very sporadic knitter and soon my fixation will shift and it'll take me a more sane amount of time to finish a pair of socks. and i'm immensly thrilled by anyone who knits, let alone knits socks. there is no judgement from me, i promise. if anything.. i think maybe i'm a bit nuts.
anyway. I started these back in August and they got put on hold because i have a boyfriend with big feet and a sad smile... so yes. I finally finished these puppies.. but it only counts as one sock since SSS started.. promise.And i still have to get off my butt and write up the pattern. Anyway, it's the Peacock Sock in Happy Spider Sock Yarn (colourway is also Peacock). I'll blog again when i have a better lit pic.. and a pattern to share, ok?
i lurve them :)

Peace out,
Ms Spider


Michelle said...

You shouldn't feel guilt posting - if anything you are an inspiration to us sockers!

Kate (Kiss My Frog) said...

I should apologise for making you feel bad, when I was more envious than anything. You have actual knitting time, when I have even less than usual, because school holidays for me means spending time doing the really rewarding stuff like adjudicating arguments over whether the Ninja Turtles could beat the Power Rangers in a fight.
After two weeks of this I could sort Israel vs Palestine standing on my head!
Your Peacock socks are lovely, lovely things. I'm looking forward to the pattern.

amy said...

Don't feel guilty! I'm with Kate up there, my knitting time is pretty much limited to when the kids are asleep, although I've been forcing them to play outside while I sit, knit, and soak up the strangely mild October sunshine while I can.

Vicki said...

I love them Ms Spider, great work.

2paw said...

Oh, these look lovely!!! The pattern really suits the colours in the wool!!!