Thursday, October 4, 2007

half of one done

Stats : Simple lace sock, yo's and k2togs, slipped stitch heel, modelled by the WD40 which was handy, and teddy.
I started sock knitting about 5 pairs ago because my lovely mum had bought sock yarn when on a bus trip and then did not start her first pair, so I got some too to show her how easy it was, and probably for the first time ever I showed her how to do something. Anyhow these are for her since she kept buying sock yarn (we all know how this ends eh?) and somehow got more than she could knit.

So I have started too, and with the stinking hot spring we suddenly have (hottest October day since record keeping started!) its socks, and more sock from here on in. Must keep knitting from stash (hers and mine).

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