Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Ah! Hmm! Am I in the right place?

Southern Summer of Socks - yeah, this is it, this is the right place. So where are my socks? They're not even cast on yet! I've become so enamored with Clapotis [my first one] and I have a deadline to get it from Penrith to Newcastle by 15 October. Besides, I tend to be a one project kinda gal! [or is that tunnel-visioned?]

I will catch up, I will! Then watch me fly. That Online Supersocke Cotton is calling to be turned into a pair of toe up socks with short row shaped heels - challenges #1 and #2!
Bring it on!!!!

1 comment:

Rose Red said...

And who can blame you - the clapotis bug is a hard one to shake!