Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thank you & a pic of the 'not a Sock anymore'.

A huge THANK YOU to Bells, Rose Red and Shazmina Bendi Designs for the gorgeous goodies that appeared in my mailbox this morning.
I am definitely feeling the Sock Newbie Love :-)
At least I am now.
See the almost Sock pictured?
Long story short things went terribly awry whilst watching the Election results and things ended badly for the almost Sock after I flung it towards the ceiling whilst questioning it's parentage.
Needless to say the almost Sock has reverted to its previous form as a ball of yarn.

Bruised and battered I sought the sage advice of my own personal Sock Angel.
Newly inspired I have cast-on again with different yarn in cool, soothing colours - will flash pics soon :-)
Thank goodness I have until March to complete a pair of socks!!


Rose Red said...

You can do it Mandie!! Glad the goodies arrived safely!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rose Red. I am more determined than ever that I WILL do this...and do it well and go on to have a fruitful sock knitting time!