Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Dahlia Socks. The Lurve has Faded Just a Little

Well, I have finally finished sock one of the Dahlia Socks. Although it still pushes many buttons for me, the foot part of sock one was just a trial - don't know why, but there it is.

It's not the best of photos as it blocks - you can't really see the beautiful front panel - but this view shows the colours very nicely.

I'll have better photos over on the blog in the next few hours - so check there if you would like.

Next up, the mate for Dahlia (otherwise she will be lonely!). Then I think I'm going to repeat Dahlia in a purple colourway I've got in stash. I am planning on giving these away for Christmas, so starting now means I've got a chance of making it! This time I think I will take the pattern repeat just to the top of the foot - not because it is really a hassle to knit (once you get the hang of the front panel it is actually easy) but because I think it will look just as nice and you won't end up with the Dahlia pattern pushed onto your foot as you wear the sock with shoes :)



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Michelle said...

Oh, I'm feeling the love! These socks are great! I'm loving all the bright colours people are making their socks in.