Friday, November 2, 2007

fait accompli

You'll have to take my word for it that there really are two socks done in this pair. The photo showing the pair on my feet was so blurry I deleted it. No idea what I did to get that result. The cuff looks foreshortened. That's the angle I took the photo from, looking down from above. It's quite a reasonable length, really. If my grandchildren had seen me taking the photo, I'd have been in trouble. "Chairs are for sitting on, grandma, not tables." It was after 5:00pm when I took this and it was about to pour, so light was not good. I sat on the table on the deck to get myself up where there was a bit more light.

They are very combubble as Miss Three said a couple of weeks ago about the socks I made her. The fit is good, there is a lot of stretch in the easy, mock cable pattern. The wool was part of my Elann Essential stash, bought on special quite a while ago now.

Here comes a confession. These have actually helped purge Second Sock Syndrome for that wool. It's not something I normally suffer from, but about two years ago I did a Nancy Bush vintage sock from a free web pattern. I really like the result, but have never done the second sock. I suppose I could turn the pattern up again with a bit of searching, but have lost my copy. As I now don't have enough wool to do it, I can frog that first one and make more small socks for charity or grandkids. With the bit I have left and all of a sock with a long leg, I'll have plenty for that.

I'm not sure what I'll do next. I know I spoke about circulars. i still haven't bought another small circ. and I really like my dpns. It may never happen.

pass the slipped stitch over

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Rose Red said...

Love the colour of these socks - I think you definitely need to use the old unloved sock and make something new out of it!