Tuesday, November 6, 2007

second sock

Ta-da! second sock of many colours done and dusted. Well ends woven in etc. I had waiting time yesterday so made use of it. On the station, on the train and some considerable time at the hearing aid place getting one of my hearing aids attended to.

I've just woven in the ends. I waited till morning as last night I could not see to thread the needle. So not only hearing aids but perhaps glasses need attending to as well? The joys of physical aging!

These were a quick little unintended knit. I'll just add them to Finn's Christmas pile. Now I'll have to think about his cousins again. Made one pair a few weeks ago for the youngest cousin but there are two others. Can't have the DILs being jealous, can I? And there is his big sister too who has chubby feet even though she's only seven. I called in at Tapestry Craft yesterday after I could hear again, and bought some pink Jigsaw. I already have some pink Opal upstairs, so will need to get going on little girly socks.

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Michelle said...

Wonderful colours! Any kid would love these!