Saturday, November 3, 2007

My first post on a blog....

Hello!!! Oooooh, this is very exciting for me (I don’t get out much….!) – I just set up my blog!!! You can find it here – only one post so far, but I plan to add and add and add…..!

Thanks to Helen for sending my invite to join you all, I’m just loving Ravelry and all of the groups! I may never leave my house again!!!!!!

Right, I’m calm now. Nearly.

I’ve been thinking about my personal challenges for this group, and I’ve come up with quite a few, so I narrowed the list down to these:
- knit a lacy sock (I’ve been very adventurous so far, stockinette all the way….)
- follow a pattern, rather that wing-it and hope it fits
- try two socks at once (I’ve only made three pairs of socks, and I already suffer from the second-sock-syndrome)
- learn how to knit toe-up
- use my stash before I buy any more sock yarn….

Hmmmm..... looks simple in writing!!!

Cheers for now, pics of my Dad's birthday cashmere socks as soon as I find my camera cable,


Rose Red said...

Welcome Lisa - great challenges, good luck!

Helen said...

What is it about camera cables?! Really, unless I leave mine permanently plugged in via the USB it tends to go walkabout. Looking forward to seeing your Dad's socks.