Thursday, November 15, 2007

Baby Socks Complete

My first three pairs of socks cast on in the Southern Summer of Socks are baby socks roughly based on the Better Than Boottees Baby Socks by Ann Budd. The mint green socks were knit continental as I am practicing my continental knitting, I struggled a little with the shaping but both pairs were mostly knit continental.

I knit fairly quickly using the English method but am hoping that with practice I may be faster knitting continental because of the economy of motion. Fingers Crossed. My tension is much looser with the continental method and as I knit very tightly using the English method. I may get closer to average tension once I master Continental knitting.

Three pairs completed and now for a larger challenge. Today I cast on for Widdershins with Opal Petticoat.


Jan said...

They look great. Love the colours in the socks. I must try ontinental sometme, myself.

Melinda said...

These are really nice - such soft pretty colours! I think baby socks are so much more practical than bootees.

Rose Red said...

I've tried to change my knitting style and found it so hard I gave up - good on you for sticking at it!