Friday, November 2, 2007

The Stupid Slinky Socks

Stupid slinky socks are done, finally!
Well, actually they were done last Friday, but honestly, I haven't had 5 minutes all week to get a picture of Em wearing them, so today I resorted to the sock blockers. (I know some people prefer them, I like feet personally, but anyway)

These socks gave me no end of trouble. I tried the two circs, and hated it, but persisted and finished the first sock. I had trouble with the foot length, the toe and the afterthought heel. I did the second sock on my beloved dpns, and it went much more smoothly.

Except that I was obviously more relaxed, and there's a discernible difference in the gauge on each sock. But I Don't Care!!

Details are on my blog, Random Knits.

Next up? Gloves, not socks. Hubby needs warm hands for Christmas in New York!


Rose Red said...

Good on you for persevering Donna - I'm sure I would have chucked them in the corner never to be seen again!!

Diane Lovell said...

They look great!