Thursday, November 8, 2007

First Sock of the Summer

I finished a so-ock, I finished a so-ock!

Yep, one single sock is off the needles:

Knit in Live 2 Knit Elizabeth Merino - Fig Colourway

But then I got distracted and started another pair:

Knit in Live 2 Knit Rita Wool/Nylon - Smoke Colourway

These are a very late Father's Day present, I'm hoping to have them finihsed before Christmas!


Rose Red said...

Ooooh, both fabulous socks!!

Terri said...

Smoke is a fabulous colour for male socks Katie. These look terrific!

Bells said...

They're both lovely Katie. What are the patterns?

Live2Knit said...

Bells, the patterns are ones that I have made up, I'm hoping to write them up & release them soon!