Thursday, November 8, 2007

Temptation like no other

See what I got in the mail today?

This one is called Bruised Bloodwood.

And this one is called Burnt Butter.

These come from the dye pot of dear friend of mine and RoseRed's - Donyale. Donni has an Etsy Store and from it you can purchase Yarn Cakes as desirable as these you see here.

I'm aching to get my hands and needles onto this stuff. If you like it, then take this as the blatant promotion that it is, and go check out Donni's stuff. She's one clever woman!


ps she also sells the best sock knitting tools - Knitpicks!
pps Donni appears to have a bit of a yarn cake shortage going on, so be sure to check her store out in the coming weeks (hint hint Donni!)


Carol said...

Mmmmmm absolutely glorious colours. The burnt butter is to die for.

Donyale said...

Ohhh - too much praise in the morning Miss Bells. Thank you so much for the nice homage bestowed on the I await to see your creations!

kms said...

yum yum yum

Rose Red said...

Love love love the bloodplum.