Monday, November 26, 2007

My very first pair of socks - finished !

Pair .... as in two !!! Up until now I had two socks of different patterns/yarns, as Bells had advised me to try another one before going back to the mate of this one because I didn't think I could repeat it all over again. Great advice Bells. It's kept me interested and then gung ho to finish.

Needles 2.25mm
Yarn Opal
Pattern just plain stocking stitch

So very proud of my heels!! But how absolutely funny how the yarn went completely different on each. All I did was carry on with the yarn where I left off. No matter though, because I love the uniqueness. They don't fit me LOL! But they will be for my mum and her small feet for Christmas.

Socks playing in the hydrangeas...

Socks sunbaking on the back lawn ...

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Rose Red said...

Yay you Carol - they are great - and how freaky how different the yarn behaved on sock two!!

Rosie said...

They do look lovely - amazing how the same yarn knitted up so differently for the two of them.

I love your Hydrangea bush, one of my favourite flowers, which reminds me of my Nana. She had them growing out in her garden. It gets too hot here for them, I used to have one in a pot though, which would wilt severely in summer.

Bells said...

Great photos of great socks Carol. I'm totally puzzled about the different outcome. That's the wonder of socks - they never fail to surprise us!

Georgie said...

Oh well done Carol! they look fabulous! And very relaxed, reposing on the hydragneas, LOL.

Sadly, my second first sock is languishing - but youve given me a nudge to get it going again.