Monday, November 12, 2007

Mismatched Socks

These are basic 64-stitch socks knit with the first sock yarn I ever bought (and then abandoned for quite some time), Lana Grossa Meilenweit Fun & Stripes. They weren't identical twins to begin with, and then guess what happened? See that skinny white stripe on the right sock? There was a knot in the skein. Kind of annoying, but tied on at the start of the next color, so I just worked it in at the side and kept knitting. I was keeping my toilet-training three-year-old company at the time so perhaps wasn't paying close attention,'s a stockinette sock. That's why I was knitting it right then--it didn't require too much attention.

Do you see what those evil Lana Grossa people did? (And I'll just say here, I love their yarn. But.) They tied the knot so that the stripes then began progressing in the opposite direction. It wasn't worth tinking back to me. I don't mind wearing mismatched socks. Yet, I'd like to be the person deciding whether my socks are mismatched. This seems to me to be the bare minimum of a self-striping sock yarn: all the stripes should progress in the same direction.

Still, I like the fabric--these were knit on 2.5 mm needles, the smallest I've used thus far, and I'm pleased with how they feel. I like the colors. I'll wear them often. I'll flaunt my mismatched-ness.

ETA: Once again, I forgot to include my blog, which has no further details on these socks, but I do talk about my first knitted thing today. It happens to be...a big sock.


Diane Lovell said...

I reckon they look awesome!!

Rose Red said...

Mismatched socks rock! As doing stocking stitch socks when you need some mindless knitting!