Friday, November 30, 2007

Second Pair of Socks FO

This is my second pair of socks for SSoS, also the second pair of socks that I have made for my husband. The first pair didn't fit him very well, (and no, for a change, I didn't frog them 'cos I hated the yarn and the pattern) so this time I made him try them on as I completed each section! (I kinda forgot that he has flat feet unlike the rest of us, we all have high arches)

And I couldn't get the stripes to match but he doesn't care, so I guess that's okay.

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Carol said...

Fantastic!!! I like that the stripes don't match. It makes them more of a couple I think. What yarn did you use? This is a great colour.

Jo said...

Thank you, the yarn is Opal Rainforest in colourway Frog.

kgirl said...

oh, you can feel the sock-ly love! Always nice to knit for a loved one - glad they are well received!