Wednesday, November 14, 2007

done and dusted

All finished and blocked and the birthday is not till next week. I've put them with the DVD I bought weeks ago, so hopefully they will both still be together when I go to wrap them. I have a history of getting presents early and secreting them in a safe place. So safe I can't find the present when needed. I think I'll be OK this time around. The Bendigo 8 ply was certainly a change from fine sock wool. It knits up very easily. However, these socks were L O N G! on the leg. Accorcding to the pattern, they should have been almost another 2 inches longer than I have made them. I know I'm shortish, but when I tried them on, the leg came right up to my kneecap. I think they'll be fine as they are. Again the colour is not true. Milk coffee actually.

These are grafted. I've been doing star/round toes for ages, but lately have been enjoying grafting again. I really wasn't sure if a round toe would suit his foot, so played safe with a toe more like a commercial sock. Pattern suggested four balls of Totem but I substituted and have quite a bit of the big Bendi ball left.. The pattern also suggested 3.25 needles but I used 3 mm as I knit a bit loosely and my tension was spot on recommendation.

I was in Burwood today and looked there, but they had nothng for knitting today. On my way out of shops I walked past the local Anglicare op shop. They normally don't have much but I went in. You can see my haul. The dpns will need a good clean and someody has held the four at the far left of the row with an elastic band Urrk! I've sized a few. I'll have to get out my needle gauge with a bigger range than the one from Simply Knitting. I'm not sure yet, but I think the dpns on the left may be 1.75 or 1.5 mm. Must find my vintage bell shaped gauge too. Over forty needles for $2.

pass the slipped stitch over


Diane Lovell said...

The socks look great. What an awesome find with the needles! :)

Rose Red said...

Good haul on the dpns - you can never have too many! And the socks look great too.

Melinda said...

Great needles! I love vintage needles - and op shops!