Tuesday, November 6, 2007

0.8 pairs

I've finally finished my Jar's pair of socks. I'm using $10 Opal and although I detest self patterning socks it does have a huge attraction where the kids are concerned. They love it!
You might notice that one foot looks darker, well that's crud because when one sock was finished he put it on and wore it all day, waiting for the other to be finished. They started off as identical twins but a whopping great knot just before the heel of the second sock stuffed it and really I couldn't be bothered.
The red-toned sock in the front is the first in a pair of Kroy socks, 72 stitches, cabled all the way around and down the top of the foot. This is car-doctors-waiting for kids knitting that I started the other week and all I had on hand was the bamboos and I don't know if I'll be creating gauge problems if I switch to my favoured Knit Picks.
I'm not going to knit it's pair, I'm going back to the sock basket and will tackle the waving lace and then retro ribs which are both awaiting a mate.


Carol said...

Oooh, I anxiously await the delights of seeing all the beautiful new socks on this blog, and I adore those striped ones you have made. Absolutely.

Michelle said...

The opal ones and excellent, and I can't wait to see the outcome of the Kroy socks!