Monday, November 5, 2007

joseph's finn's sock of many colours

After a great deal of muttering and moaning as detailed on my blog here, with several different needles and patterns and some 8 ply wool, I made myself feel better by using up some odds and ends of wool. I wasn't planning another child's sock, I really wanted one for me, but this is what I did at the weekend. The thin blue stripe and the green foot are Wildfoote, the others are from Elann.

I felt very virtuous using up the little bits and pieces which have been hanging around for a while. Still have a way to go to finish the pumpkin colour. When I ordered a lot of wool from Elann several years ago, I chose that as a co-ordinating colour for several others. i still have possibly three or four balls of it left. I'll be careful about doing something like that again.

(edited for sloppy HTML. Sorry about Elann link.)

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