Sunday, November 11, 2007

4th Pair of Socks

Pattern : Embossed Leaves from Favorite Socks
Yarn : Colinette Jitterbug - Oyster Blush
Needles : 2.5 mm bamboo dpns

I really enjoyed knitting this pair of socks - the pattern was easy to remember & the yarn is great but I did made a big boo boo - read more about it on my blog.


Helen said...

Another divine pair of socks. Well done!

Bells said...

I love that pattern so much. I really like how they look in a heavier looking yarn. I'm gonna try that.

Melinda said...

Very beautiful socks! The colour complements the pattern beautifully.

Diantee said...

Nicest pair of Embossed Leaves socks I've seen. Jitterbug suits the pattern well.

Terri said...

Much nicer than my embossed leaves!! I can't see any boo boo. Well done, they look great. :o)