Monday, November 26, 2007

I'm back

The beginning of November was rough for sock knitting at Crafty Carolyn. I wasn't sure how to get back in the groove again.

A trip to Las Vegas where my brother and boyfriend gambled was just the thing. I don't like to gamble or drink or do any of the other things you might do in a gambling hall in Las Vegas, so it was hours of perfect sock knitting time. Almost finished a pair in the two days we were there. With any luck I'll be finishing the second one up tonight.

I love this pattern. It is the fleegle sock. I didn't think I liked toe-up socks, but this one changed my mind. It is simple, easy, I memorized it, and it makes a darn pretty sock. The fact that I used Lorna's Laces doesn't hurt either. I love the yarn and I love the pattern, and there will be a lot more of these socks in my future.

I don't mind a lot of stockinette, really. It doesn't bore me. But I put a little line of YOs/K2Tog just to have something on the leg.

No post on my blog yet, but it should go up on Monday (


Rose Red said...

That's what I love - uniterrupted knitting time! Great job on the socks and thanks for the tip on the toe up pattern - I'm yet to try this technique!

Bells said...

I don't mind stockinette either. I find myself more and more drawn to plain socks.