Friday, November 23, 2007

Amanda's STUCK !!! please help

I'm working on the bottom flap in the photo.
Can anyone help? I'm having trouble understanding my pattern!!! I've just done 21 rows stocking st, slipping first stitch of each row. Pattern now reads TURN HEEL-1st row- k13, k2tog, k1, Turn. 2nd row-p6, p2tog, p1, Turn. 3rd row-k7, k2tog, k1, Turn. 4th row-p8, p2tog, p1, Turn. Cont turning in this manner until all stitches are worked onto one needle...14 stitches. Patons "Turn"means -bring yarn to front of work, slip next stitch onto right hand needle, take yarn to back of work, slip stitch back onto left hand needle, then turn and proceed as given in instructions. There aren't any diagrams showing how to do it, do I do a "Turn" at the beginning of the first row? do I still slip the first stitch of each row? am I still working on x2needles? please help!!!!!!


TinkingBell said...

Breathe deeply - now you are ONLY working on the heel flap stitches - you should have been going backwards and forwards on one needle and about 30ish stitches depending on your pattern. When you get to the turning the heel bit you are still only working on that one needle and those stitches - forget the others for now
Work across these thirtyish stitches with your, slip 1, k13 k2 tog or whatever the exact instructions are then turn your knitting around and knit the purl side (you're making 3D stocking stitch here) then knit the purl intstructions and then turn it around again and knit the knit - you'll be decreasing each time you get to the end of a short row and will end up with 14 stitches. Then you'll put all the instep stitches on one needle, split the 14 heel stitches onto 2 needles (7 on each and pick up the stitches along the side of the heel flap. so you'll go back to 14 stitches plus the picked up stitches on needle one, the instep stitches on needle 2 and the rest of the picked up stitches and the other half of the heel on needle 3. Then you start going round and round again and you do some decreases next to the heel flap as the pattern instructs to make it fit the rest of your foot. Usually you decrease over a number of rows until you have the same number of stitches you did for the first part of your sock.
and then you keep knitting until you are almost at your toe - scary the first time, but once you've done it once you'll be fine! Email if you're still having probs!

Rose Red said...

It sounds like the instructions are asking you to wrap the last stitch before you actually turn to do the purl row (and then again when you turn to do the knit row). I have never seen the instructions like that - I just turn the work, without the bringing yarn forward, slipping stitches etc. So when you do turn your work, you still slip the first stitch. Hope that makes sense! good luck! It looks great so far!

kms said...

im with rosered, i have seen 'turns' written before that include that wrap part but i never do it and never have any problems. just physically turn it so you are knitting the 'right' side and purling the 'wrong' side, you are basically making short rows here that will change the direction of the sock. and yes still slipping the first stitch. good luck!