Thursday, December 27, 2007

a solution to frozen toes at xmas

IT was FRICKIN cold on xmas day in mountains - the blue ones

I did my north coast impression of packing and put in heaps of light summery frocks....

Bad idea

Thankfully I was nearly finished on these socks and the speedy finish xmas morning was even speedier due to lack of warmth

And by lunch I was wearing them.

Artichoke leaves by Megan Humphrey
in the Knittery's 4-ply with cashmere and in the breast cancer fund-raising pink

The toe is very short - next time I would decrease a lot slower
It looked very small on the needles but fits perfectly,
and I only did 5 rounds of the pattern before starting the heel - partridge again my favourite, now I wish I had done longer - as the pattern looks amazing and there is quite a bit of wool left over
LOVE LOVE LOVE the Knittery's wool to knit and to wear

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