Sunday, December 9, 2007

knee-hi's for my niece


what with all the Christmas hoo-ha going on, and knitting for newborns and friends, etc, I have only just finished my niece's knee-hi's for Christmas...

Lily offered to model them for blogging purposes :)

They are toe-up 2x2 rib knee-hi's in Opal Hundterwasser (sp?).

Has anyone got a really good elastic bind-off for toe-ups? The cast off on these is very tight, despite doing a ribbed cast off. I am seriously considering undoing it and knitting a bit more on the next size up needles, then casting off on bigger needles again.

If anyone has a better way, though, I'd love to hear it?


Kate (Kiss My Frog) said...

Elizabeth Zimmerman's "Sewn Bind-off" is a good stretchy one, or if you are working a 1x1 rib, you cannot beat a Tubular bind-off (I like Lucy Neatby's version).
Here's links:

Bells said...

They look fantastic! I love knee hi socks!

Rose Red said...

Love these socks! Fab how you've got the stripes to match too!

Crafty Carolyn said...

I was just going to suggest the EZ sewn cast off, but someone beat me to it. That's the one I've been using, it was recommended with the Fleegle toe-up socks I've been making. I had trouble understanding it at first, but what you do is thread a sewing needle with the yarn end and go purl wise through two stitches, keeping them on the needle. Then you go back to the first stitch that you already went through and go through it again in a knit direction and push it off the needle.

Jayne said...

The too tight bind off at the top is one of the reasons I usually knit top down. The best results I have had use a sewn bind off. Not sure if it is the same as mentioned above, but on 1*1 rib slip the knit stitches onto one needle and the purl stitches onto a second needle and kitchener them together, treating the knit stitches like the "front side" and the purl stitches like the "back side". Make sense? I'm sure I got it from an EZ book, just can't remember right now (it is 5:14 am here and I'm short on sleep so may be confused) will go and look if needed.

I'd also like to know which patternyou used as my 7YO wants "long" socks.

kgirl said...

Thanks for all the tips guys - I have undone my original cast off and am going to have another go using EZ's sewn cast off.

Jayne, the pattern is On Your Toes, by Ann Budd and is a general formula for toe-ups. It was in IK Summer 2007, and there's links on my Ravelry projects page if you're hooked up over there?