Thursday, December 6, 2007

more celery, anyone?

I'll have to come back and edit this. Blogger just won't take a picture. I've now made two pairs of the celery coloured socks from the Bendigo wool. you can see how much was left. It's not a lot, but the leftover ball still feels firmish.

The pattern on the socks is a double repeat of a vertical zigzag, then a stretch of stocking stitch then more zigzag. I think that if I did the zigzag again, I might add a couple of purls either side. The arrowhead is actually not easy to see.

The candles are my take on an Advent wreath. A candle is lit each week of the season of Advent before Christmas. The larger white one is lit on the last Sunday with all the others. It stands for Christ. I find the old traditions interesting and I like the link to those who have gone before. Another reason why I also like old needles and vintage patterns.

Later: Finally added pictures.


Melinda said...

I love the celery colour! Which type of Bendigo wool is this - their basic 100% wool?

I love the candles as well. It is an exciting and meaningful time of year.

Jan said...

Melinda, It's Bendigo 5 ply. Don't have the label here with me, but think it's machine washable.