Friday, December 7, 2007

added incentive

Are you curious to know what this is?

Well, obviously it's sock yarn, but what sort?

And what are those others things?

It's all mystery, a lovely secret and one that won't be revealed for a little while yet. There'll be another competition some time in the next little while and the prize will be the contents of this box, as donated kindly by Ann and Helen from Knitting Inspirations.

Remember there are prizes for the best photo of a sock on holiday, the biggest sock, the most socks knit for Christmas - the list goes on.

Thanks Ann and Helen for your kind donation. Do check out their online store. They have some great sale items at the moment. Lorna's Laces anyone?


amy said...

A sock on holiday, hmm? How about a sock on holiday to....WEBS? Thanks for reminding me to take a photo with my sock while I'm there. :)

Carol said...

Oooooh Bells, you are a yarn enabler. I just visited Knitting Inspirations and spent over $50!!!! eeeek. LOL

kgirl said...

omg, gorgeous!