Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Comp Reminder

With the big *C* day looming ever nearer, it's time to start counting the number of *C* socks you've produced for our 'Most Socks knit for *C*' Contest.

We'll let you all enjoy your break before we get the official tally, but if you want to win and think you may not be in the running, now's the time to pretty much go into lock down and churn through as many socks as you can before the 25th!

Happy sock knitting!

Bells & RoseRed

1 comment:

The Procrastinator said...

Ok - well at least86 pairs of "Crap" socks. Including Firestarter, Fratello, Vineland, Flutterby, Piccola, a 2nd pair of Bayerish, and another glance at my 2 wips.

All CRAP! Therefore 'C' socks.

(Didn't finish any of them, started them all, but didn't finish them. - Does that count? Points for trying? Go on. Give a girl a break)