Monday, December 3, 2007

Bunny socks done!

These socks seem to have taken forever to knit. There is absolutely no excuse for them to take so long except, I guess I hadn't anticipated such a busy start to my Summer.

I'm glad they're finished as I've been keen to start on another pair and I must admit, I do love them. They're soft and cushy, not to mention colourful. All my favourites things in knitwear rolled into one.

I bought these in kit form from Ixchel Angora Rabbit stud at the Sheep Show back in July. They're a hand-spun, hand-dyed 'singles' yarn. I wasn't sure it was worth knitting socks with 'single' spun yarn until I spoke to the lady that prepares this yarn and she convinced me that the yarn holds up very well as she flashed me her 2 year old pair of socks on her feet. They did look very nice still and to be honest, I really couldn't resist the gorgeous colours she had dyed all her yarn. I also bought yarn to knit a couple of scarves. It's a blend of merino and angora. SO SOFT.......and did I mention colourful?

On the needles now I have Tidal Wave Socks being knit in TOFUtsies, colour 797 (light purple). Haven't used this yarn before and am finding it enjoyable to knit with. I figure they'll make nice 'warm weather' socks.

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Nicole said...

Oh, my goodness. Your knits are LUSCIOUS! :-) I am doing well to knit a couple of the most basic scarves possible this year using "fun fur." I'm so impressed by your creations.