Sunday, December 9, 2007

Buccaneer's Birthday Footies

My latest completed socks were for my DS's 12th birthday this week. Here he is proudly wearing his socks, just the way he likes them. I adapted the Buccanneer's Booty to suit a no-show sock.

These were knitted toe up with Patonyle sock yarn and my own version of the gusset heel which works for this style of sock.

Basically my adapted heel results in the heel flap being under the heel, not behind it allowing the gusset shaping to stop as soon as the desired length (or lack there of) is achieved. This gives a cushy hard wearing section under the heel.

The socks were made to fit and in these photos my dear model has not quite pulled them fully onto his foot. These will not fit a growing boy long but he loves the skulls.

Tally to date: 3 pairs baby socks, one micro stocking and one pair of extra small adult footies.


Amy said...

Those are so cool!

Bells said...

How gorgeous are they! Well done!

Rose Red said...

Those are so great! My nephews would love them (but I'm afraid I would not love knitting them!!)

happyspider said...


Melinda said...

These look great! Well done!

kgirl said...

awesome - well done!