Monday, December 3, 2007

Oh my Lordy!!!

Hello all! I've just gotten home after the crappiest of crappy days, to find these:
(sorry about the fuzzy pic, a combination of crap camera and excitement!)
in my letterbox!!! My little prize for being a new sock-knitter!! I love them (beautiful beaded stitch-markers, and a fancy-pants tape measure!), thank you very, very much Bells, Rose Red and Shazmina Bendi!!! I can't wait to use the stitch markers on the socks that I am about to start knitting with this (colourway Athabasca, DK crepe WA Merino from Jolly Jumbuck):
Hard to see in the pic, but the colours are just fabulous - the purplest of purple, dark jade, burgundy....yum! And Irene treated it to a bath in Naturally Luxe lanolin wool-wash, in Spiced Plum fragrance....swoon......AND STITCH MARKERS!!!!!
Delicious all-round!!!

Now, to choose a design......
Cheers, and happy Mondays!!!


Bells said...

oh goodie! I love seeing them all arriving. Aren't RoseRed and Shaz clever girls?

Lushorama said...

Yes they are - and don't leave yourself out of that compliment!!! This is great fun.....