Friday, December 28, 2007

A lesson

One of my goals for SSoS was to learn to do toe ups, two at a time on two circs.
Well I think I can safely say that I have achieved that goal, despite the fact that in about two hours the socks will be no more.
I had a chunk of Toasty Toes left over after doing my daughters xmas socks so decided to do toe ups for my Grandmother. I'd weighed what was left over and knew that I could easily get a pair of adults socks.
But I forgot to factor in the extra stitches I threw into the mix to accommodate my Grandma's feet. While her feet are short, at 91 she needs much wider socks for safety and comfort and I ate too many rumballs before setting out to knit up the toasty toes on 64 stitches, not even stopping to think about the extra yardage required.

End result socks got past the heel, but not by much, but I can easily do toe ups, the magic cast on is a breeze, I can not only do a heel in reverse but I 'get' it and will be doing the two toe up when I break into the Jitterbug.

Full gory details and pics over here, cheers Zeph.

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