Friday, December 7, 2007


After almost two months of lurking and knitting, I finally have something to share!

I had been avoiding socks for a little while. In fact, I think I experience what could be called a sock block. I had committed myself to finishing a pair of socks that I really wasn't enjoying before I could knit any other socks. Only problem was, I kept avoiding working on the socks I didn't like. Luckily, the looming Christmas deadline gave me the incentive to throw my stupid sock commitment out and start on things I really liked. Also, I had to admit that continuing to force myself to knit something I hated was a little ridiculous.

So behold, here are the unblocked "Embossed Leaves" socks my mom is getting for Christmas. I still have yet to sew up the toe and weave in the ends, but I'm saving all my finishing for one day two weeks from now, when I get it all out of the way at once.

I'm not sure how these are going to block, or whether they're even going to respond to blocking at all. They're made from Crystal Palace's Maizy, a yarn made from corn fiber, which (I think) doesn't really have a memory, kind of like cotton or other non-animal fibers.

The pattern was awesome to work with, and the yarn was great with only one drawback-- some of the dye ran off and my knitting needles are now pink. So these will be getting a thorough washing before being gifted. I'd hate for my mom to get pink feet!


Jan said...

Better pink feet than blue with cold! LOL. Actually, they look great. I don't know that I could face an entire day of finishing and darning ends.

Rose Red said...

One of my very favourite sock patterns - look a bit weird off the foot, but fantastic on! Great job!

kgirl said...

they're beautiful - you mum will be very happy on Christmas day, I'm sure!

Jayne said...

Very pretty - you obviously have a MUCH BETTER relationship with your mom than I have with mine.

BTW - if you need to clean off your knitting needles I can reccommend baby wipes. Those things are pretty amazing - I even used them to take felt tip pen off the wall (and the child) once.

Jilly Bean said...

Baby wipes are an awesome idea! Thanks!