Sunday, December 9, 2007

Number 2 done and dusted !!!

My second pair of socks ever!! So very pleased, these ones actually had a pattern in it. I did a Lacy Mock Cable pattern from Scarlett Knits. Super effective pattern. And I used a beautiful purple Rowan yarn, and it's oh so soft. The picture here is a very true indication of the colour. And these socks are for me !!!!! The feet look like they would fit giants, but I assure you it's the picture or angle or something, they are not that huge.

Look Bells and RoseRed!!!! I'm really really doing it. The first ones were not a fluke! LOL

Can I ask everyone though, do you get awfully excited about your socks? Show hubby or partner and get a grunt in return? I have told my husband he needs to be more excited and ooh and ahh a bit and actually have a feel and be so impressed with me because I sure as heck am. He doesn't get it. Grrrrrr.

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gemma said...

Knitters understand.

your socks look lovely, and with cables, my second pair looked only marginally better than my first.

My ratbag hubby always says "you know you can get socks at K-Mart (walmart) for X$, don't you hon?" I swear one of these days .....

Crafted in Millthorpe said...

Allow me to oooh and ahhh. I find that only other sock knitters truely appreciate the magic of handknit socks. That I why I love the online knitting community.

Congratulations they look wonderful. I must try mock cables. I keep thinking they will make the socks thicker but you never know until your have a go.

Rose Red said...

I will add to the oohs and ahhs - these are great and love the colour too. I finished my first mock cable sock yesterday and have cast on for the second - which I have to finish by Christmas! If Bells can do monkeys in a week, I reckon I can do it!

When you knit a pair for your husband, then he'll really get it! (I hope, if not - no more socks for him!!)

Jayne said...

Well - I for one am impressed - those socks look GREAT.

Don't have a husband, am a born again single, but the kids, who get socks knit for them, get pretty excited about a new pair, even though they do tend to moan about being measured.

As for the husband - maybe you could politely suggest that, if he gets excited about things that give you pleasure, you'll be in a good mood and more likely to be enthusiastic about activities that HE enjoys?

Terri said...

Very very nice. :o)