Monday, March 24, 2008

Pair Number 6

This is my sixth pair and I thought it was high time I attempted the famous monkeys. And I did it !!!! I'm so proud.

It's knitted in Berrybliss colour of The Knittery yarn. And after watching the video a zillion times (maybe slight exaggeration) I finally mastered the long tail cast on, I think that's what it's called. It's made the top way more giving and a lot more neater and actually where my needles joined worked really well too.

Question if I may

And a silly question at that. But I do believe my socks are nearly good enough to give as gifts now. When you give your socks as gifts, I'm just wondering what presentation ideas you use, if any? (see warned you it was a silly question!) Do you just wrap them as is? Or do you have a neat way to present them, maybe with a label or in a bag or what do you do?

I'm so proud of them (having never knitted socks ever before this knitalong came up, actually never mastering dpns either) and I almost feel they deserve a bit of a fanfare, ROFL (in my mind anyway!!) so I didn't just want to wrap them in gift paper. Hence my question.

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Rose Red said...

If I'm gifting socks, I usually make a label and wrap the socks in it (kind of like the label which often comes on them when you buy them, the one that wraps around the socks which you can then slip off). I put a picture of the socks on the label, with the name of the socks and who they are knitted for, and then the yarn details and washing instructions on the side (that bit goes at the back). Hope that makes sense. If you look at the entry for embossed leaves socks on my blog (in Feb 07) you'll see a picture of how I do it!

Yay you for making so many socks this summer and doing such a good job of them all.

Bells said...

I was going to suggest RoseRed's method for sock presentation. It's a good one and one I mean to copy. I started making little tags to pin to them a while ago. Must do it again.

Oh and well done Carol. So freaking proud.